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Selling and managing software made easy.

Selling and managing your software should be simple and fun. However, you'll come to find that it is actually quite difficult and very time consuming. Instead of focusing on developing and advancing your company, you will end up spending more time managing customers, maintaining your website, and especially dealing with transactions. That is why we created Software Droid, an advanced eCommerce CMS that works with your PayPal account that will handle everything for you. And by everything, we really mean everything!

How does Software Droid work?

Software Droid is an eCommerce CMS written in PHP and MySQL that you download and install on your own server. Once installed, you simply login to the Software Droid admin panel to setup your website and start selling your software using your PayPal account.

Software Droid will grow your company.

Software Droid comes with all the features you need to grow your company and make more money.
Fully automated transaction handling, a full featured support desk, product discounts, and so much more! View Features